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237/QD-VSD 29/12/2017 Amending the Guideline on Depository Membership issued under Decision No. 25/QĐ-VSD dated 13th March 2017 by VSD’s CEO VSD VSD
196/QĐ-VSD 29/09/2017 Guideline on securities registration and ownership transfer VSD VSD
197/QD-VSD 29/09/2017 Guideline on corporate actions for securities holders VSD VSD
198/QĐ-VSD 29/09/2017 Guidelines on allocation of security codes and international securities indentification numbers (ISINs) VSD VSD
199/QD-VSD 29/09/2017 Guideline on securities depository VSD VSD
157/QĐ-VSD 21/08/2017 Guideline on organization of securities borrowing and lending activities at VSD VSD VSD
145/QĐ-VSD 04/08/2017 Amending, supplementing the Guideline on management and usage of clearing fund issued under Decision No. 97/QĐ-VSD dated 23rd March 2017 by VSD’ CEO VSD VSD
136/QĐ-VSD 14/07/2017 Guideline on settlement of Government bonds, Government-guaranteed bonds and Municipal bonds VSD VSD
95/QĐ-VSD 23/03/2017 Guideline on Clearing Membership VSD VSD
96/QĐ-VSD 23/03/2017 Issuance of Guideline on margining, clearing and settlement of derivatives VSD VSD
97/QĐ-VSD 23/03/2017 Guideline on Management and Usage of Clearing Fund VSD VSD
98/QĐ-VSD 23/03/2017 Issuance of Guideline on providing electronic voting service of Vietnam Securities Depository VSD VSD
83/QD-VSD 01/03/2017 Guideline on allocating securities codes, registering and depositing successfully auctioned securities of equitized enterprises VSD VSD
15/QĐ-VSD 28/01/2016 Amendment and Supplementation of Guideline on Depository Membership issued with Decision no. 25/QD-VSD dated 13th March 2015 VSD VSD
211/QĐ-VSD 18/12/2015 Guideline on Clearing and Settlement of Securities Transactions VSD VSD
212 /QĐ-VSD 18/12/2015 Guideline on Creation/Redemption Transaction, Registration, Depository, Clearing, Settlement and Corporate Actions Processing for Exchange-traded Funds VSD VSD
213/QĐ-VSD 18/12/2015 Guideline on registration of STC of foreign investors with VSD VSD VSD
22/QD-VSD 13/03/2015 Issuance of Guideline on Securities Registration VSD VSD
23/QD-VSD 13/03/2015 Issuance of Guideline on Corporate Actions for Securities Holders VSD VSD
24/QD-VSD 13/03/2015 Issuance of Guideline on Allocation of Local Securities Codes and International Securities Identification Numbers (ISINs) at Vietnam Securities Depository VSD VSD
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