Subjects to be registered at Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD):
The following types of securities must be registered at VSD:
- Securities of public companies and listed organizations
- Goverment bonds that are listed on Stock Exchange
- Bonds of economic organizations and local authorities that are listed on Stock Exchange.
- Certificates of invesment fund that are listed on Stock Exchange
- The other types of securities must be registered at VSD in accordance with agreement between VSD and issuers.
Information for registering at VSD:
Issuers shall register securities with the following information at VSD:
- Information on issuers.
- Information on issued securities.
- Information on list of securities holders.
Principles for information management of VSD:
Securities are registered at VSD in the form of book-entry. As for issued certificates, issuers must convert securities into book-entry ones when making registration with VSD.
Registered securities at VSD must have face-value in conformity with regulations of Stock Exchange for each types of securities. In case of different face-value, issuers must convert into the face-value as prescribed by Stock Exchange.
VSD makes centralized information management for registered securities or authorizes depository members to manage by contract.
All changes of information of registered securities at VSD must be done in accordance with regulations of VSD on information management.
Issuers are completely responsible for accuracy, adequacy, and timeliness of information on registered securities at VSD.
Cancellation of securities registration
- Registered securities have been expired;
- Registered securities of public companies that are no longer qualified to be public companies and requests for registration cancellation;
- Issuer that is not a public company makes registration cancellation spontaneously.
Guideline on Securities Registration