Corporate Actions

Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) provides corporate actions services for the owners of securities registered at VSD, including:

- Voting right;

- Right to receive cash dividend;

- Right to receive stock dividend, bonus issues;

- Right to receive interest and principal of bonds and treasury bills;

- Right to buy additional stocks;

- Right to convert convertible bonds;

- Right to rename, split, consolidate stocks;

- Right to exchange and merge shares;

- Other rights stipulated by applicable law.

The system of VSD shall enable accurate calculation and allocation with regard to rights for owners of deposited and non-deposited securities according to the acting rate informed by issuers. In addition, issuers shall be provided with the summarized list of allocating rights in shortest time.

For deposited securities, rights of securities owners aretraced in the account system of depository members and VSD. When exercising rights, VSD automatically accounts and allocates rights for securities owners through securities owners’ accounts opened at depository members.

For non-deposited securities, rights of securities owners are followed in the account system of VSD. When exercising rights, securities owners shall come to exercise rights at issuers or VSD (in case issuers give VSD power of attorney to do).

Processes and procedures of corporate actionare stipulated in the Guideline on Corporate Actions for Securities Owners promulgated with Decision No. 197/QĐ-VSD dated 29th September 2017 by the Chief Executive Officer of VSD.
Guideline on Corporate Actions for Securities Owners in Legal Documents on VSD’s website.