Securities Registration

Securities registration means a process in which VSD manages and records information about ownership and other rights of securities owners into VSD’s system. In accordance with Law on securities, securities of public companies must be centrally registered at VSD. Therefore, VSD is securities registration organization for all public companies including companies which have been listed and registered for trading at Stock Exchanges and unlisted public companies.
Securities to be registered at VSD comprise shares, corporate bonds, treasury bills, government guaranteed bonds, municipal bonds, Government bonds, corporate bonds guaranteed by Government, fund certificates which have been listed/registered for trading at Stock Exchanges, and shares/bonds of unlisted public companies. All securities registered at VSD are in form of book entry.
When registering securities at VSD, public companies shall provide VSD with information about issuers, securities to be registered and securities owners for recording them into VSD’s system. This is a basis from that VSD realizes eligibility for ownership of securities owner and accepts securities to be centrally registered at VSD. After registration at VSD, all information changes related to registered securities shall follow regulations on information management of VSD.
Issuers which have listed securities shall register their securities directly with VSD. Unlisted public companies shall register their securities through VSD members which are securities companies. Processes, procedures and application files for registration are stipulated in details in the Guideline on Securities Registration promulgated with Decision No.196/QĐ-VSD dated 29th September 2017 by Chief Executive Officer of VSD.
Guideline on Securities Registration in Legal Documents on VSD’s website.