The Prime Minister issued Decision No. 189/2005/QĐ-TTg on the establishment of VSD, the sole agent providing supporting services to the whole securities market. The establishment of VSD in the context that Vietnam Securities Market is developing rapidly is completely suitable with requirements from market practices and also with recommendations from international organizations as G30, IOSCO whereby each market should have an independent central securities depository.
- Taking over the functions of securities registration, depository, clearing and settlement functions from Hanoi Securities Trading Centre and Hochiminh Securities Trading Centre (currently two stock exchanges) on 1st May 2006.
- Officially launching operations on 7th July 2006.
- Signing the first bilateral cooperation minutes with the State Treasury for payment of principal and interest for government bonds.
- Signing Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Korea Securities Depository (KSD).
- Harmonizing the business software system, unifying business processing between the Head Office and Branch.
- Improving the mode of securities depositing, streamlining procedures and minimizing time for securities depository via issuers’ authorizing VSD to certify ownership.
- Officially launching VSD’s website.
- Signing bilateral cooperation minutes with the Operations Centre – the State Bank of Vietnam on provision of transferring service for government bonds to be traded on the open market.
- Signing MOU with Thailand Securities Depository (TSD).
- Becoming an official member of Asia-Pacific CSD Group (ACG).
- Implementing central registration for securities of unlisted public companies in book-entry form as specified by the Securities Law.
- Implementing central registration and depository for government bonds
- Providing securities depository concurrent with registration service.
- Becoming partner of the Association of National Numbering Agencies (ANNA).
- Signing MOU with Taiwan Depository and Clearing Corporation (TDCC).
- Receiving the Emulation Flag of the Ministry of Finance.
- Changing business model into a wholly state-owned limited liability company.
- Providing post-trade services for the specialized government bond market and UPCoM market.
- Officially allocating international securities identification numbers (ISINs) for securities issued in Vietnam.
- Signing MOU with Japan Securities Depository Center (JASDEC).
- Signing MOU with the Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunication (SWIFT).
- Organizing successfully the 13rd ACG General Meeting.
- Receiving Certificate of Merit of the Prime Minister.
- Changing the mode of providing shareholder book-managing service to issuers.
- Centrally executing and managing securities clearing and settlement operations for transactions on stock exchanges, making cross-markets clearing.
- Officially managing ownership information at investor level.
- Developing electric link between VSD’s system and members’ for transaction handling
- Becoming official member of ANNA.
- Receiving the Emulation Flag of the Government.
- Upgrading VSD’s website and launching English website.
- Signing MOU with the Depository Trust & Clearing Corporation (DTCC).
- Receiving the Third-Grade Labour Medal of the State President.
- Strengthening the organizational structure of the leadership for 2012-2015 term.
- Officially applying the quality system according to ISO 9001:2008 Standard.
- RShortening settlement processing time, facilitating investor to sell securities on T+3.
- Implementing registration, depository, clearing and settlement for treasury bills.
- Applying certificate of authorization (CA) in VSD’s business operations
- Successfully developing the terminal-based gateway for connection with the Operations Centre – the State Bank of Vietnam for the handling of negotiable papers between two parties.
-Launching ownership transfer service for securities of public companies which have not been listed or registered for trading at VSD.
- Launching transfer agent service for open-ended funds.
- Completing VSD’s Development Strategy until 2020.
- Officially launching the securities lending and borrowing system.
- Successfully implementing the management system of exchange-traded funds (ETF).

- Officially adopting ISO 15022-based messages on VSD’s gateway.
- Providing collateral management service at VSD.
- Developing online trading code registration system for foreign investors, launching on 1st January 2016.
- Performing tasks to adjust settlement cycle of shares, fund certificates to T+2 from 1st January 2016.
- Launching online allocation of trading code for foreign investors;
- Settlement of share and fund certificate transactions with settlement cycle T+2;
- Receiving Second-Grade Labour Medal;
- 10th Year Anniversary of Operation and Introducing New Logo;
- Successfully organizing the 18th ACG Cross Training Seminar;
- Signing Minute of Cooperation between HNX, HSX and VSD;
- Building the new head office at 112 Hoang Quoc Viet, Hanoi.


Functions and Tasks
As stipulated in Decision No. 189/2005/QD-TTg dated 27 July 2005 by the Prime Minister, VSD undertakes securities registration, depository, clearing, settlement and provide supporting services in trading securities.

Functions and tasks of VSD are specified in Decision No.2880/QĐ-BTC dated 22 November 2013 by the Minister of Finance on Organization and Operation Charter of VSD as follows:

1.   Providing registration, depository, clearing and settlement services for securities listed, registered for trading on stock exchanges and securities of other public companies; other trade support services as stipulated by applicable regulations and laws.

2.  Allocating local securities codes and international securities identification numbers (ISINs) for securities listed on stock exchanges and securities of public companies.

3.  Processing corporate entitlements of securities owners for issuers that are public companies and institutions whose securities are listed on stock exchanges. 

4.  Providing the service of stock dividend and bond interest payment agent for issuers.

5.  Acting as a transfer agent and transferring ownership for those transfers, which do not arise from securities transactions, as stipulated by applicable laws and regulations.

6.  Providing registration, depository and transfer agent services for other securities upon agreement with issuers.

7.  Establishing and operating risk management mechanisms, including performance of Central Counterparty (CCP) functions, management of the Settlement Compensation Fund, securities lending and borrowing system, to timely support depository members in case of their temporary default in order to ensure safety for the securities settlement system as governed by the Law and regulations on securities.

8.  Providing management services for assets which are negotiable papers, services for securities investment funds in compliance with prevailing laws.

9.  Supervising depository members’ activities to ensure their compliance with VSD’s business guidelines for protection of securities owners’ assets.

10.  Managing foreign ownership of securities as regulated by applicable laws.

11.  Supporting market development by providing technical infrastructure and information services with the aim of developing securities market.

12.  Taking part in international cooperation programs in the field of securities and securities market within as regulated by the State Securities Commission (SSC) and the Ministry of Finance (MoF).

13.  Performing other functions and tasks upon approval of MoF.