As the organization providing securities registration, depository, clearing and settlement, as well as other trade supporting services, Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) contributes positively to the upkeeping of safety and smoothness of settlement activities for the securities market and information security for investors. VSD makes the following commitments:

With Customers

Improving service quality, constantly innovating and diversifying services to meet the needs of members and foreign and domestic investors.

With Employees

Regularly providing staff training in order to meet all job requirements. Creating a healthy and fair working environment for employees to maximize creativity and and to provide them with professional development opportunities.

With Partners

VSD establishes relations with partners on the basis of mutual understanding, maximizing the power of cooperation, long-term commitment for success and sustainable development.
Actively expanding the international cooperation activities towards providing post-trade products and services in accordance with international standards.
To honor these commitments, VSD shall make our best effort to build an unified management mechanism, strong at every levels and having legacy, creating opportunities for each staff member to fully show their potential, fulfilling the tasks and achieving outstanding success. This will contribute to safety, stability and development of Vietnam securities market.
The quality policy is reviewed periodically by leaders to ensure its relevance and is popularized within the organization so that all staff members understand, implement, and maintain this policy.
In order to maintain and improve the quality management system pursuant to ISO 9001:2008 standard, Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) sets out the following quality targets for 2016:
​- Implementing the project for transfer of clearing function for government bonds transactions from commercial banks to State Bank of Vietnam.
- Completing the project for " Investment and establishment of the system for clearing and settlement of derivatives transactions" and issuing relevant guidelines.
- Providing E-voting service to issuers.
- Implementing online trading codes allocation for foreign investors. Providing registration, depository, clearing, settlement and other services in accordance with laws, regulations, and procedures of the VSD to ensure there will be no written complaint about the quality of services provided.