VSD issued the Certificate of Clearing Member for the 8th Clearing Member of Vietnam Derivatives Market
Update: Monday, 11/06/2018
On 7th June 2018, KIS Vietnam Securities Corporation (KIS) was certified to be direct Clearing Member (CM) by VSD. Accordingly, KIS is the 8th CM in Vietnam Securities Market along with 7 other CMs who participated in the market in the initial period of operation. As a direct CM, KIS can provide clearing and settlement for derivatives of itself and its clients.
Thus, after nearly one year in operation, there are 8 securities companies certificated as CMs by VSD, including 2 general CMs (SSI and VDS) and 6 direct CMs (BSC, HSC, MBS, VCSC, VPBS and KIS). Besides the above-mentioned 8 CMs, VSD has received the proposal and instructed some other securities companies to carry out the technical infrastructure, technical connection, testing and complete the preparation phase. to participate in the derivatives market in the coming time