TS4: Change of dividend payment time
Update: Friday, 12/10/2018
According to document no.14/TB-TS4 dated 8th October 2018 of Seafood Joint Stock Company No 4 and following document no.4904/CNVSD-ĐK dated 16th July 2018, no.7349/CNVSD-ĐK dated 21st September 2017, no.82/TB-CNVSD dated 9th February 2017 of Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) - Hochiminh Branch would like to announce change of advance payment of 2016 cash dividend (the record date: 20th March 2017) as follows:
Announced information in document no. 
4904/CNVSD-ĐK dated 16th July 2018 of VSD's Branch
Payment time: 19th October 2018
Changed information:
Payment time: 31st December 2018
Reason: the Company is unable to arrange financial resource for dividend payment
Other contents in document no. 82/TB-CNVSD dated 9th February 2017 by VSD's Branch are remain unchanged.
This notice of VSD's Branch is for DMs and Stock Exchanges information.