Notification of Days Off Schedule in 2017
Update: Wednesday, 27/12/2017
According to document no. 3232/UBCK-PTTT dated 29th May 2017 of State Securities Commission on approving 2018 off-trading schedule, Vietnam Securities Depository (VSD) would like to announce days off as follows:
VSD will have days off on Monday, 1st January 2018 (compensation day off as stipulated by Vietnam Labour Code).
The securities transactions with T+2 settlement cycle executed on 28th, 29th December 2017 will be settled respectively on 2nd, 3rd January 2018. The securities transactions with T+1 settlement cycle executed on 29th December 2017 will be settled on 2nd January 2018.
VSD would like to announce to the Depository Members (DMs) and direct account holders (DAHs) for information and notifying investors of off-work schedule and payment schedule.
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